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  • Friend - Counselors (Abena Afful & Anderson Osei Gyimah)
  • Companion Class 1 - Counselors (Bertha Agyei & Gilbert Nyantakyi)
  • Companion Class 2 - Counselors ( Dorothy Anika & Nicholas Agyekum)
  • Explorer - Counselors (Abigail Opoku-Agyemang & Elizabeth Acheampong)
  • Voyager - Counselors (Abigale Asare & Ruth Fosuaa)
  • Drilling & Marching (Britney Agyen, Linda Assim, & Dorothy Anika)


  1. The Pathfinder Club will encourage its members to belong to the church, confess their Christian faith, and take an active part in fellowship, worship, outreach, and service.
  2. The Pathfinder Club will involve its members as full partners in all aspects of the church’s ministry to its members, to the community, and to the world.
  3. The Pathfinder Club will challenge its members in the mission and ministry of Christ through the church so that God’s Word becomes meaningful and fruitful in their lives.

Departmental Leaders

  • Abigail Opoku-Agyemang (Pathfinder Director)  646-709-1116
  • Maxine Aboagye (Deputy)
  • Ruth Fosuaa (Deputy)
  • Elizabeth Acheampong (Secretary)

Homework & Aid

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Camporees Past